Honesty is growing up so fast, true leaves peeking out from between the bases of its seed leaves. Tiny little hairs on the leaves, catching the light to give a slight halo effect. Although my Mum, Grannie and Aunty have grown honesty all my life, I've never actually paid much attention to the leaves, so I … Continue reading Budding



Many things have happened in the past few days. We have been so busy living (interliving?) and being (interbeing?) and making new friends and fronds there has been little time for writing and reflection. I feel I could fill many pages with our adventures and still not come close to capturing it. So here are … Continue reading Sympoetry


Things move in pulses Of sameness and change Impatience and overwhelm Preparation and action Focus and distraction. Are you teaching me about you, Or about myself? About my rash curious fingers Thoughtlessly weeding, Seeking control, About my reluctance to sit and be still and just let it all roll. About my ignorance of life and … Continue reading Pulses


This moment; and the moment before. Doubt; and then hope. Sameness like the days before it; and then your two seed leaves, like a gift, a greeting, a promise, a manifesto, an invitation to adventure, a tentative but oh so powerful presence. Seed dormancy through cold mornings, sunny autumn days; what were you working on … Continue reading Life!