Purslane Returns!

Good news! Peering over onto the windowsill at Fronds #1 this afternoon, I noticed a familiar little shoot poking up through the soil. Purslane! It turns out it wasn’t lost, just buried and hidden by the shaken up soil. It’s looking a little bedraggled, a little anaemic from lack of sun. The purslanes in pot #2 certainly have more colour to them. But it’s back! Reclaiming the title of hardy weed. This feels like a daytime soapie, with a long dead love interest suddenly returning to the plot line, but I promise I didn’t plan any of this.


Fronds #1 (left) and #2 (right). You can just see the original purslane peeking up on the right of pot 1. Also in pot 2 you can see the weed I ended up pulling- check out its amazing long root!

Meanwhile, I’ve been challenging myself to write poetry in various forms. Here are two cinquains and a pentastich*.

Green fire
Tender reaching
Mirror image seed leaves
Each day a little taller

A companion
To me and other life
Invited and uninvited

I am trying to inhabit this world
Not just an occupant in furnished space
Turning my boundaries into pathways
Interweaving lines of growth and movement
And loving this entangled mess of life.


*The phrases in this last poem are largely gathered from a paper I’m reading by Tim Ingold (2008) called ‘Bindings against boundaries: entanglements of life in an open world’.


2 thoughts on “Purslane Returns!

  1. I am left wondering about how you are moving through this project, of inhabiting the world and your ‘entangled mess of life’. I notice you are not projecting a whole lot upon the plants ( anthropomorphism) and even though the human voice is central (anthropocentrism) to the conversation, the plants seem to have agency. The photos have such potency! How did you take them?


    • The photos are taken with a 40x magnifying lens attachment, which clips onto a smartphone or tablet. They’re lots of fun! Kids really enjoy using them too, I know some teachers who have done really fun projects with them.


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